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bagheera disney wiki fandom powered by wikia - bagheera in the jungle book bagheera is the first major character to appear in the film and he narrates the first part of the film too he discovers an infant amidst the debris of a wrecked canoe, bagheera jungle book wiki fandom powered by wikia - bagheera is also the narrator of the movie s story bagheera is also one of the major characters left out of the series which used several jungle book characters however many of shere khan s soldiers and pilots are black panthers very similar in style to bagheera, the jungle book bagheera - i own nothing all copyrights belongs to the rightful owner, amazon com bagheera the jungle book - the jungle book 2016 11 inch x 17 inch lithograph w white border mowgli looking up at bagheera title poster kn 14 99 14 99 4 50 shipping only 2 left in stock order soon, bagheera 2016 heroes wiki fandom powered by wikia - bagheera is the tritagonist of the 2016 live action adaptation of the jungle book he is a black panther who found mowgli as an infant and turned him over to the wolf pack he is voiced by ben kingsley the jungle book 2016, baloo and bagheera moonlight talk - clip from the jungle book 1967 1080 new donald duck chip and dale donald duck cartoons full episodes new hd part1 duration 47 11 animated cartoons 1 414 628 views, the jungle book 2016 ben kingsley as bagheera imdb - mowgli bagheera i m not taking one more step until shere khan leaps roaring from the tall grass mowgli ducks and bagheera deflects the attack the two cats fight while mowgli runs to the ravine, bagheera disney heroes wiki fandom powered by wikia - bagheera is a wise black panther a friend among many in the jungle and a second father to mowgli the man cub he is the tritagonist of the 1967 animated disney film the jungle book a major character in the 2003 sequel the jungle book 2 and one of the protagonists of its tv prequel jungle, the jungle book 2016 imdb - the jungle book in every way is an awesome movie i m from kerala 15 17 years ago my friends watched tv serials of mowgli i didn t because i don t have tv, bagheera the parody wiki fandom powered by wikia - bagheera is a black panther from the jungle book contentsbagheera played winston in alpha omega princebalto style he is a wolf bagheera played han solo in star wars thebeckster1000 style he is a smuggler