Bagheera Jungle Book -

bagheera disney wiki fandom powered by wikia - bagheera is the tritagonist of disney s 1967 film the the jungle book he served as the guardian of the man cub mowgli and is the somewhat reluctant companion of baloo bagheera is presented as a wise figure level headed and intelligent the panther is amongst the most down to earth, bagheera jungle book wiki fandom powered by wikia - bagheera is also one of the major characters left out of the series which used several jungle book characters however many of shere khan s soldiers and pilots are black panthers very similar in style to bagheera, amazon com bagheera the jungle book - emvency throw pillow covers case children book cartoon fairytale alphabet letter j mowgli bagheera and shere khan the jungle by rudyard decorative pillowcase cushion, the jungle book 2016 film wikipedia - the jungle book held its world premiere at the el capitan theatre on april 4 2016 it was released in 15 countries a week ahead of its u s debut on april 15 in countries like argentina australia russia malaysia and most notably in india on april 8 38