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inventor charles babbage biography idea finder - at a glance charles babbage is often called the father of computing for his detailed plans for mechanical calculating engines both the table making difference engines 1821 and the far more ambitious analytical engines 1837 which were flexible and powerful punched card controlled general purpose calculators embodying many features which later reappeared in the modern computer, amazon com charles babbage - available for pre order this item will be released on november 27 2018, bibme free bibliography citation maker mla apa - bibme free bibliography citation maker mla apa chicago harvard, charles stross collection toast and other rusted antipope - toast books by charles stross singularity sky the atrocity archive iron sunrise the family trade the hidden family accelerando toast charles stross cosmos books, computer bit slices of a life columbia university - preface to web edition computer bit slices from a life was converted to html for the web by frank da cruz in may 2003 for the columbia university computing history project with permission and collaboration of dr grosch this is a manuscript of the 3rd edition a work in progress sponsored by the us national science foundation the first edition was published by third millenium books novato