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amazon com dilemmas of desire teenage girls talk about - in the constant din of pseudoscientific claims about sex arrogant punditry and moralizing fear mongering the voices consistently missing are those of teenagers and especially teenage girls, resolving ethical dilemmas in the workplace a c ping site - in an earlier article entitled an organic perspective on organisational ethics aim management oct 1996 i outlined an overall framework for considering ethics in an organisational perspective, dilemmas of leadership 9781138814745 business - leadership the practice of focusing and motivating a group or organization to achieve its aims is a much discussed but often misunderstood concept, leadership facing moral and ethical dilemmas - published in leadership advantage newsletter vol iv number 4 we need a nobel prize in business awarded to organizations that demonstrate how business effectiveness meaning survival market share profits and stock value results directly from ethical behavior, how to deal with dilemmas thespiritualcoach com - a couple of years ago geoff hoppe of the crimson circle gifted me an ipod touch since then it has not only become the best travel companion i ever had but like with so many others it has made me a big fan of all apple products, lessons learned founder s dilemmas equity splits - the following is an excerpt from hbs professor noam wasserman s new book the founder s dilemmas anticipating and avoiding the pitfalls that can sink a startup noam is one of a rare breed of business academics he studies entrepreneurship using a rigorous empirical approach, physicians top 20 ethical dilemmas medscape - medscape conducted an exclusive survey to learn what physicians think about the toughest ethical situations that they confront the results are intriguing and in some cases surprising, physicians top ethical dilemmas medscape - physicians top ethical dilemmas would you fight with a family that wanted to withdraw care from a viable patient would you follow the family s directive to continue treatment if you thought it, 5 real ethical dilemmas that sound straight out of movies - everyone has their own personal set of ethics some folks are stricter than others but generally speaking most people at least try to act decently even if they somehow twist the term decent to include texting in a movie theater, 5 moral dilemmas that make characters stories better - readers can t resist turning pages when characters are facing tough choices use these 5 keys to weave moral dilemmas into your stories and watch your fiction climb to new heights, necessary secrets ethical dilemmas involving confidentiality - learning objectives this is a beginning to intermediate course upon completion of this course mental health professionals will be able to apply the concepts of privacy confidentiality and privilege to mental health records, rod rosenstein talks to law grads about stress and morals - rod rosenstein tells law graduates to fall back on your own moral principles during ethical dilemmas, why self driving cars must be programmed to kill mit - self driving cars are already cruising the streets but before they can become widespread carmakers must solve an impossible ethical dilemma of algorithmic morality, distance versus desire tactical media files - the desire to transcend distance and separation has accompanied the history of media technology for many centuries various attempts to realise the demand for a presence from a distance have produced beautiful imaginaries such as those of teleprese