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apple iphone repair ifixit - as each iphone is superseded by a newer version challenges both arise and dissipate in the realm of iphone repair though apple may tell you otherwise all of these devices are user serviceable with the help of our repair guides found in each of the device pages above, iphone repair iphone disassembly guide take apart manual - we offer send in iphone repair service as well as iphone parts for self repair we can repair your cracked glass from your dropped or broken iphone, apple iphone 4 technician manual pdf download - page 1 apple technician guide iphone 4 iphone 4 and iphone 4s adn 070 2840 c updated 2012 02 21 page 2 under the copyright laws this document may not be copied in whole or in part without the written consent of apple, iphone user guide apple inc - iphone user guide apple inc, free downloadable pdf iphone repair directions directfix - these free pdf repair pages will help you remove and install an iphone 4 complete screen part number ip 2411 not for the verizon iphone 4 right click and select save link as or save as to download the pdf file to your desktop, where to download iphone manuals for every model lifewire - the iphone 5 was the first iphone with a screen larger than the 3 5 inches the original models sported this one has a 4 inch screen at the same time the phone debuted apple introduced its new earpods replacing the old earbuds that came with the earlier iphones, mac repair guides for apple macbook ipad powerbook - repair guides iphone 5 a1428 this is an official powerbookmedic com repair guide for the iphone 5 parts tools comments add a comment powerbook medic 9 months ago fredskidoo no fredskidoo 9 months ago is the logic board interchangeable between the iphone 5 5s and 5c fixi 3 years ago